!!! New : USB connection available (PC to console) !!!

- Picolab Software v3.1.1 (2013)
- Fit on labtop screen
- Manage your bombs librairies
- Define your breaks onto the sound track
- Automatically create the timecode of your sound track
- Print the timing list of the bombs of your project
- Save or load your project
- Manage the boxes serial numbers and assign them to a console
- Manage the availability of each cue of each box
- Transfer the programming of the cues into each console
- For each bomb, the cue number and the cue time are automatically calculated by the software
- The software interface is written in english
- Click on the image to the right to start the download :

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Note: Picolab v3.1.1 is a complete version of the software but has limited printing and can neither transfer data to the console nor create the timecode. These functions are available on purchase of the software with its "PC to console" connexion cable.