All components of Picolab system benefit of one year warranty on pieces and labour. The obligation of Picolab warranty is to repair free of charge components in case of breakdown or drawback occured during warranty period. This warranty can't be apply to all breakdown or drawback attibutable to external cause, accident, to abnormal use, to all modification, to adaptation or to carelessness. This warranty is not valid in case of repair of one product or piece done by someone else than an PicoLab technician or if stickers of serial number has been modified or erased. PicoLab warranty intend on returns to workshop, meaning the cost of manutention / delivery to PicoLab workshop remains the charge of users. PicoLab can insist to see a buying proof (dated invoice or delivery slip mentioning model and serial number) before according a repair on warranty. In case of dispute, only the buying proof mentioning the buying date, model and serial number will serve like references to users to establish a warranty period.